Back to the Basics Wound Care Video Series - Aerobic Culturing for Wound Infection

Understanding the spectrum of the wound bioburden provides valuable insight into the stages of a wound (from colonization to infection) and  when it is appropriate to perform aerobic culturing of the wound.  Proper culturing techniques must be applied in order to identify the specific organisms present and develop a treatment plan based upon scientific evidence. If inappropriate treatments are applied, this can result in delayed healing or wound deterioration, which is why it's critical to know when and how to perform aerobic culturing for a wound infection.

Watch our Back to the Basics Aerobic Culturing for Wound Infection video to learn more about:

  • Who is at risk for wound infection
  • Microbial continuum model
  • The spectrum of the wound bioburden (colonization - infection)
  • When and where to culture a wound
  • Wound culture methods, including Levine's Technique
  • Tips for managing wound infection
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